Is The Sensory Lounger sold in other parts of the world?

Few items currently achieve high enough levels of pressure to provide a sufficient benefit. The Sensory Lounger provides true deep touch pressure exactly where it's needed.

Is The Sensory Lounger available for purchase?

What is The Sensory Lounger?

The Sensory Chair Company has a global partnership with Southpaw Enterprises that brings the Sensory Lounger to special education classrooms and therapy centers worldwide. The Sensory Lounger is available for purchase from the Southpaw website.
Designed for people with sensory processing differences, The Sensory Lounger is a sensory based intervention that provides calming deep touch pressure effectively and quietly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is deep touch pressure important?

How much does The Sensory Lounger cost?

Why is this solution different?

Current pricing for the Sensory Lounger is available at the Southpaw website.
A growing body of literature indicates that deep touch pressure interventions act as a calming or focusing agent for sensory seeking individuals coping with sensory integration problems.
Our initial manufacturing and distribution agreements with Southpaw are focused on the USA, Canada and countries in the European Union. We are actively seeking manufacturing relationships in other countries. Please contact us if you are a potentially interested party with manufacturing capabilities for the occupational therapy equipment market. 
The Sensory Chair Company is a research and development venture that designs chairs that help address sensory integration problems.

What is The Sensory Chair Company?